The company undertakes feasibility and cost studies in all aspects of it's expertise. The same procedure is also carried out in the case of up-grading and extending existing facilities. Capital investment and budget estimation are an integral part of all initial project studies. These norms particularly apply to:

  • Electrical system
  • Instrumentation
  • Control and Communication
  • Installation and hook-up
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Reliability and Safety in hazardous areas
METCO also provides conceptual engineering capability in the following areas:
  • Switchgear capacity / sizing
  • Power and control cables sizing
  • Efficiency and reliability analysis
  • Installation philosophy
  • Power System Analysis
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Devise Coordination
  • Relay Setting Calculation
  • Voltage Drop/Dip Calculation
Area of Activity METCO

METCO can provide power distribution design for a variety of industries including bulk chemicals storage facilities, manufacturing industries, oil and gas industries and maritime electrification.

METCO adheres to the philosophy that the exercise of engineering expertise must be in a cost effective and controlled manner such that facilities continue to be safe and function at a minimum cost.

To ensure this METCO provides:

  • Planned maintenance documentation
  • Monitoring and remedial procedures
  • Design of repairs and strengthening
  • Design of modification and additions